SREI Infra NCD 2019 – Coupon Rate, Issue Dates, Issue Prospectus

SREI Infra NCD 2019

SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited, a Kolkata Based financial services company engaged in financing customers engaged in infrastructure development and construction, issuing the NCD (Non-Convertible Debentures). The company targets to raise a capital of up to Rs 5,000 million through the tranche-1 issue. SREI Infra NCD 2019 opens for investment on 9th April 2019 and closes on 9th May 2019. The non-convertible debentures of face value Rs 1,000 each will be offered to investors during this issue. The company is offering a coupon rate (rate of interest) of up to 10.76% on investment.

About SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited

SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited was incorporated in Kolkata in the year 1985. It entered the segment of infrastructure financing in 1989 in a limited capacity as a construction equipment financier. Currently, as an Infrastructure Finance Company, it is engaged in providing financial products and services for our customers engaged in infrastructure development and construction, with particular focus on energy, road, railways, telecom, port, water and sanitation, oil and gas, special economic zone, urban public transport and logistics sectors in India with a medium to long term perspective.

SREI Infra NCD 2019 – Issue Details
Issue Type Secured Unsecured Non-Convertible Debentures
Issuer Company SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited
Issue Opens 9th April 2019
Issue Closes 9th May 2019
Coupon Rate (ROI) Up to 10.76%
Face Value Rs 1,000
Issue Price Rs 1,000
Minimum Order Quantity 10 NCD (Rs 10,000)
Issue Size Up to Rs 5,000 Million
Listing  BSE
Listing Date Within 6 Working Days of Issue Closing Date
SREI Infra NCD 2019 – Objects of the Issue

The following are the objectives of this upcoming NCD Issue by SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited:-

  1. For the purpose of onward lending, financing, and for repayment/ prepayment of interest and principal of
    existing borrowings of our company. A minimum of 75% of the net proceeds will be utilized here.
  2. General corporate purposes. Up to 25% of the net proceeds will be utilized here.
Rating of the SREI Infra NCD

The NCD Issue of SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited is rated as BWR AA+  by Brickwork Ratings India Private Limited.

SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited – Company Contacts Details

Registered Office: ‘Vishwakarma’, 86C, Topsia Road (South), Kolkata – 700046.

Telephone: +91-33-61607734

Corporate Office: 6A Kiran Shankar Roy Road, Kolkata – 700001.


SREI Infra NCD 2019 – Lead Manager to the Issue

The following are the lead managers to this SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited NCD Issue:-

  1. Karvy Investor Services Limited
  2. SMC Capitals Limited
SREI Infra NCD 2019 – Registrar to the Issue

The registrar to this SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited NCD Issue is Karvy Fintech Private Limited.

SREI Infra NCD 2019 – Debenture Trustee

The Trustee to the debenture of this SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited is Catalyst Trusteeship Limited.

Issue Documents
  1. Tranche-1 Issue Prospectus of SREI Infra NCD.
  2. Shelf Prospectus of SREI Infra NCD.

Disclaimer: This post is just information about the scheme. It does not give any advice or recommendation. Investment in securities is subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing. It is also advised to consult your financial advisor of necessary suggestions. 

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