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Shareinvesta.com aims to provide basic information on various types of investments. At this website, you will find very basic learning posts which will be helpful for beginners in investment. However, it does not give any recommendation or advice to any specific investment in stocks, or mutual funds, or etc., it tries to make the investors about the fundamentals of this field through which they can Learn Investment.

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Basic Learning Articles of Investment – Learn Investment
Who are the Key Regulators in the Financial Market of India? What is The Regulatory Setup of Financial Market?
Who are the key People in the Security Market?  What are Retail and Institutional Participants?
What is the Security Market and what is Its Structure? What is the Primary Market and Secondary Market?
What is Security and what is the Security Market? What are the various types of Securities?
What is the Offshore Fund? What are the Advantages and Associated Risks with offshore funds?
What is Gilt Fund? How does gilt funds work? What are the top Gilt Funds?
What is Hybrid Mutual Fund? What are the various types of Hybrid Mutual Funds? How hybrid funds do Asset Allocation?
What is Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT? What is Infrastructure Investment Trust, or InvIT?
What is investment Fund? What are the various types of Investment Funds? What is Alternative Investment?
What is Arbitrage Fund? How do arbitrage funds work?
What is Exchange Traded Fund or ETF? How ETFs Work?
What are the various types of Financial Institutions? How do they work?
What is NFO? What is New Fund Offer of Mutual Funds?
What is Debenture? How is it a Fixed Income Investment?
What is Investment Bond? How is it a Fixed Income Saving Bond?
Where do People Invest the Money in India?
What are the different types of trading in the Stock Market?
What are the various types of Trading in the Market? What is Equity Trading? What is Commodity Trading? What is Forex Trading?
What is Deep Learning Technique? How to use deep learning in Stock Market Prediction?
What is the Blockchain Technique? What is Cryptocurrency?
What is Mutual Fund? How to invest in Mutual Funds? How Do Mutual Funds work?
What is IPO? What is the IPO process in India? What are the Steps of IPO?
Share Market Basics for beginners in India | How to Invest in share market in India
What is a Demat Account? How to use a Demat Account? How to open a Demat Account?


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