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Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics is getting popular day-by-day due to increased attention towards generating a good profit in the competitive environment. It is a field which finds and presents a variety of insights on the company’s financial data. This technique uses the past financial data of the company as input and provides paths to achieve profit. Financial Analytics is a process to asses the profitability, solvency, liquidity and stability of a business. Through assessing the profitability, one can check the ability to earn income and sustain growth in both the short- and long-term horizon. Solvency of a company is the ability to pay its obligation to creditors and other third parties in the long-term. Liquidity is the ability of a firm to maintain positive cash flow while satisfying immediate obligations. Assessing the stability of a company gives its ability to remain in business in the long run, without having to sustain significant losses in the conduct of its business. 

Financial Analytics

What can be achieved by Financial Analytics?

Through Financial Analytics, a company can find out the following:-

  • The company’s risk exposure with specific customers.
  • Identification and segmentation of customers and putting them into the various target groups.
  • Effect of customers relationship on working capital of the company.
  • Identifying business opportunities and making rational decisions.
  • Ways to streamline and enhance the company’s business processes to make them more efficient.
  • Investment of right opportunities based on capital and/or revenue.
  • Effect of business decisions on the company’s key value drivers.
  • Profitability of products and services across sales channels and customers of the company.
What Do We Offer?

We, as freelance services providers, offer a variety of data analytics services. We have expertise in providing vital and meaningful insights from the data as per the requirements of clients. Leveraging the Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Statistical Models, we develop predictive analytics models for business analysis. In Financial Analytics domain. currently, we provide our services by developing the machine learning based models which are applied in the following segments:-

  • Business Analytics: Capital Analysis, Profit Analysis, Future Performance Analysis, Sales Forecasting etc.
  • Stock Market Prediction: Prediction of Stock, Commodity Prices.
  • Credit Risk Management: Identifying Possible Frauds, Defaults by the Customers. 
  • Portfolio Optimization: Finding the Best Combination of Investment Tools based on Risk and Return.

Note: Apart from the above-mentioned verticals, we also work for E-Commerce Analytics.

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