Mutual Funds in India: What and How to Invest

     The mutual fund is becoming popular day by day among the investors. Due to giving high returns and easy availability, they are being preferred for investment by the investors. What are the Mutual Funds A mutual fund is a fund for investment which is managed professionally by financial companies or institutions. It collects money from investors and invests that money into other places like company shares, stocks, bonds etc. A mutual fund is basically a tool for investing the money. The money collected from individuals is managed collectively in order to yield a high return.       […]

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IPO process in India Steps

Many a time, we see in business news or advertisements that a company is launching its IPO (Initial Public Offering). In this post, we will discuss the basics of IPO (IPO Process in India), the very first-time shares of the company,  and its steps which will be helpful to the persons who are very new to the stock market. Definition or Meaning of IPO: IPO or Initial Public Offering is the process by which a company becomes a public company from the private company what it was initially. The company becomes public to raise its capital from the general public […]

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